“The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive."


I need a hat too - Mt. Fuji by noExcuseG on Flickr

Lower Iceberg Lake (by lowcountryboil)
The Iceberg Lake trail in Glacier National Park is one of my favorite hikes -- extraordinary vistas, wildlife (including bears), fields of wildflowers, waterfalls, and last but not least, Iceberg Lake itself. The lake is located in a north-facing cirque (i.e., glacial valley), leaving it to receive minimal sunlight and allowing the winter snow and ice to float in the lake well into summer. The walls of the cirque appear to be around 2,000 - 3,000 feet high.Lower Iceberg Lake is a small, exceptionally beautiful lake about 50-100 yards below Iceberg Lake.

Road to nowhere by Patrick Bakkum

 Manarola | İlhan Eroglu

Blue Jellyfish by BesianDurmishi
"I wonder how many times you’ve compared me to her."


Latenight light (by Andrei Reinol on Flickr)

The Light of Five-colored-Lake by Weihao Pan

totally not okay with how ive gone from never getting spots to being a fuckin spotty mongo in the space of about a week


Foggy dawn at Lake Louise (by Clickr Bee)

Antarctica: Pressure Ridges by eliduke on Flickr.

Into the mountains 1/3  | Sweden | by me
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